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  • The President’s First Time

    President Joe Biden appeared at the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday, marking his first time at the black-tie gathering in Washington since he announced the launch of his reelection campaign earlier this week. As the President prepared for his speech, he couldn’t help but feel nervous about the evening to come. As he stepped […]

  • Battling for Another Four Years

    The announcement circled through the country, and the presidential race kicked off once again. Joe Biden, the incumbent president, stood tall, his wrinkled face and salt-and-pepper hair seemingly not looking a day older than when he first took the office four years ago. He took to the stage with cheers from his supporters, confidence radiating […]

  • The Departure of Susan Rice

    As soon as the sun set on a chilly November evening, Susan Rice picked up her office bag and headed towards the exit of the White House. It was the end of the day, and she had just wrapped up a long meeting with some of Biden’s advisors where they had discussed the latest domestic […]

  • The Green Revolution

    The day had finally arrived. After years of fighting for environmental justice, President Biden had officially announced the establishment of the new Office of Environmental Justice in the White House. It was a momentous occasion, one that would change the course of history. As news spread across the country, people celebrated in the streets. It […]

  • The First Family’s Tax Returns

    It was tax season at the White House, and all eyes were on the first family. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden had just released their 2022 federal income tax returns to the public, sparking intense scrutiny and speculation about their personal finances. For weeks, journalists and pundits pored over the numbers, trying […]

  • The White House Dilemma

    Rich Eisen and his wife Suzy Shuster were sitting in their living room, glued to the news. They both had different opinions on the topic that was being discussed; whether losing teams should get to visit the White House. Suzy was all for it. She believed that the gesture was more about the spirit of […]

  • The Rise of Caitlin Clark: Acceptance, Competing, and Invitations

    Caitlin Clark held her breath as she stepped up onto the stage, her heart beating wildly in her chest. She couldn’t believe she was about to accept the John R. Wooden Award – one of the most prestigious awards in college basketball. It had been a long journey to get here, with countless hours of […]

  • Power Reverse: A Story on Politics and Power Struggles

    Everyone in Congress knew that the vote that was about to happen was a make or break moment. The House had spent months crafting legislation that would reverse the energy policies set by the Biden administration. The stakes were high, the political climate was tense, and no one was entirely sure which way the vote […]

  • The Debt Ceiling Standoff

    House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that a dangerous game of political chicken was being played between House Republicans and the White House. The topic at hand was the impending debt ceiling crisis that threatened to plunge the country into a financial abyss. Both sides remained stubborn in their demands, with no progress […]

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