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  • The Tragic Night in San Jacinto County

    The small community of San Jacinto County, Texas, woke up to the news of a heinous crime. Five people from Honduras were fatally shot down in the middle of the night. The news spread like wildfire as the locals struggled to come to terms with the tragedy. The San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office arrived at […]

  • The Bank Heist

    The sun had set, and the city was draped in a blanket of darkness. First Republic Bank was quiet, except for the occasional beep of a security system reminding its occupants that they were protected by the latest technology. But something wasn’t right. A group of men were seen at the entrance earlier in the […]

  • A Betrayal of Trust

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has asked banks including JPMorgan Chase & Co. and PNC Financial Services Group Inc. to submit final bids for First Republic Bank by Sunday after gauging initial interest earlier in the week, according to people with knowledge of the matter. The boardroom at First Republic Bank was a hive of […]

  • The Seized Documents

    The ED carried out searches under the provisions of Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), having seized various incriminating documents and digital data. It sent shivers down the spine of one man who knew that his secret was now exposed. Avinash Sharma was a successful business tycoon, and his company had grown to be one of […]

  • Waiting for the Storm

    The news of an impending solar storm had spread like wildfire across the world. It was supposed to hit Earth on April 27 or 28, according to NOAA forecasters. People had started hoarding supplies and preparing for the worst. But the storm never arrived. Instead, the world watched in horror as something worse began to […]

  • The Rush to the Kremlin

    As Vladimir Putin sat in his office at the heart of the Kremlin, little did he know that a 5-second clip was about to change his life forever. The clip, captured by an adviser to Ukraine’s minister of internal affairs, showed Putin being rushed hurriedly into the Kremlin. The clip quickly spread across the globe, […]

  • The Defeated One

    Donald Trump stood on the stage, the spotlight blinding him. He was addressing a packed audience, his voice ringing loud and clear through the microphone. He recounted a series of old grievances — the 2020 election was “rigged,” Democrats are “weaponizing” the subpoena process, the “corrupt global establishment” is aligning to defeat him once again. […]

  • The Deadline Deal

    The boardroom of Godrej Consumer Products was abuzz with excitement. The biggest merger of the decade was about to be signed, sealed and delivered. The CEO, Mr. Singh, paced up and down in the conference room, waiting for his team to finalize the deal. The buzz was so loud that nobody noticed the man who […]

  • The Last Chance

    When John, the CEO of San Francisco Bank, found himself in the middle of a financial crisis, he knew he needed to act fast. The Bank was on the brink of an imminent collapse, and the only way he could save it was by making the toughest decisions of his life. John had considered all […]

  • A Game of Allies and Aggression

    President Joe Biden and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol announced a key new agreement at the White House on Wednesday that aims to deter North Korean aggression, including a new US commitment to deploy a nuclear-armed submarine in South Korea for the fir… The State Room was buzzing with activity ever since President Joe […]

  • The Silent Witness

    It had been 40 years since the US had docked any nuclear submarines in South Korea. But amid rising tensions with North Korea, the US had sent their most powerful fleets to strengthen their position in the region. The decision was met with mixed reactions from the South Korean people, some worried about the escalating […]

  • The Outbreak

    The active cases in the country now stand at 63,380 from 65,683 yesterday. The news bulletin blared through the television, sending a shiver down Maria’s spine. She had been staring blankly at the screen for the past hour, unable to process the gravity of the situation. It had started weeks ago, with just a handful […]

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