Tag: Thriller

  • Escape from Khartoum

    As the sun began to set over Khartoum, hundreds of American civilians were herded onto a cargo plane bound for Saudi Arabia. They had been caught up in brutal fighting between rival militias in the Sudanese capital, and their lives were in grave danger. But little did they know that their journey was about to […]

  • The Lone Survivor

    It was a quiet Saturday morning in the small town of Texas until gunshots shattered the silence. The screams of terror were heard across the neighbourhood as police rushed to the scene. They found an empty house with five dead bodies, including an eight-year-old child. The residents were afraid, and the police were determined to […]

  • Liftoff: A Journey Beyond Earth

    The countdown was over. Liftoff occurred at 6:12 p.m. EDT (2212 GMT). The ship rose slowly from the ground, creaking and groaning as the engines roared to life. The crew was sweating bullets as they slowly lifted off the launchpad. The rocket picked up speed as it soared higher and higher into the sky. As […]

  • Cyber Attack

    It all started when the news broke out that three viruses had kidnapped the privacy of Android devices. I could feel the tension rising within me. I, along with my team, had been trying to get to the source of the malicious activities for weeks. It was a sunny day in Melbourne when the Australian […]

  • The Unseen Cost

    Sara was a shopaholic, she seldom left an opportunity to buy something that caught her eye. She would visit various online stores, add items to her cart, and then exit without making a purchase. This was her way of controlling her addiction while still satisfying her cravings. But one day, something happened that would change […]

  • Beyond the Limits

    The year was 2085, and humankind had mastered the art of space exploration. Scientists and engineers had developed advanced technologies, including space shuttles, space habitats and colonies on different moons and planets. However, one mystery still perplexed them: the existence of ultra-luminous X-ray sources (ULXs) that produced 10 million times more energy than the Sun. […]

  • The Mystery of Raveendaran Byju

    The news of ED conducting searches in Bengaluru over alleged FEMA violation by Raveendaran Byju and his company had created a buzz in the city. Everyone was curious about what went wrong in the business of the well-known entrepreneur. The media was trying to dig deeper into the matter, but nobody knew the real story […]

  • Shadows of the Citadel

    The world of espionage is a shadowy place, where peril lurks around every corner, and the line between friend and foe is razor-thin. Within the walls of the Citadel, the most secretive intelligence agency in the world, the stakes are higher, and the risks more lethal than anywhere else. The Citadel is the last bastion […]

  • The Billionaire’s Game

    Deepak Mittal rubbed his eyes and checked the clock on his desk. It was past midnight, but he couldn’t leave the office until the Q4 results were out. UltraTech Cement was his baby, and nothing could go wrong. As he refreshed the webpage, his heart skipped a beat. The numbers were in, and they were […]

  • The Unexplained Tragedy at Affiliated Hospital

    As the sun dipped below the horizon, the bustling city of Xuzhou was enveloped by eerie silence. Yet the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University hummed with activity. Little did the staff know that the night of April 23 would go down in hospital history as the darkest of nights. Huan Chai, the head nurse […]

  • The Hour of Breaking News

    A broken television screen on the pavement caught Sarah’s attention as she walked to work. The headline of the news report flashed, and her heart skipped a beat. It read, “Nuclear weapon stolen from the bunkers of an army base.” Sarah, who worked as a journalist for a national newspaper, knew this was her big […]

  • Detained

    “Prosecutors are set to tell a judge that Teixeira ‘must remain detained.’” The headline flashed across Olivia’s computer screen, sending shivers down her spine. As a defense lawyer, she knew what that meant. Her client, Mr. Teixeira, was in a lot of trouble. Olivia had taken on Mr. Teixeira’s case three months ago. He had […]

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