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  • Vanishing Memories

    Iris had always been the kind of person who took pictures of everything – her meals, outfits, and random things that caught her eye. Some would say that she was addicted to capturing moments. She was a proud owner of a Samsung smartphone, and she loved experimenting with its camera features. One day, while scrolling […]

  • The Voyager 2’s Endurance

    For almost half a century, the Voyager 2 probe had traveled farther away from Earth than any other spacecraft in history. Its mission was to explore the outer reaches of our solar system and beyond, sending back invaluable data and images to scientists back home. But with its plutonium-powered generator gradually fading away, the prospect […]

  • The Launch

    The countdown had begun. The world stood still, watching in awe as the gigantic Falcon Heavy rocket was about to be launched into space. The atmosphere was electrifying, and every eye was on the rocket. John, a young astronaut, was one of the privileged few who had been given the opportunity to be a part […]

  • The Never-Ending Protection for Windows 10

    In the year 2025, the world had changed drastically, yet there was one constant that remained- Windows 10. The operating system had endured through decades, still holding a significant market share, and still receiving support from Microsoft. People had long forgotten about the older versions of Windows, and the promise of the newest iteration, Windows […]

  • The Steam Update that Changed Everything

    It was just another day for Alex, a dedicated gamer who spent most of his free time playing his favorite games. He was excited to learn about the new beta update that promised to bring some interesting features to Steam. Little did he know that it would change his life forever. As he launched his […]

  • The Battle of Bots

    Microsoft’s developer version of Edge is displaying a new Bing icon in the address bar for users who go to Google’s AI chatbot competitor Bard’s site. Clicking the ad activates a split screen to let you directly compare the two. In the world of AI, Bard was the reigning chatbot champion. It had won numerous […]

  • The Sound of Kings

    Sony had always been considered the king of the headphone world, and their 1000X line only cemented that position. However, there was a new challenger in town, one who was not content with just ruling the high-end market. They wanted to take Sony’s throne and become the undisputed king of all headphones. It was a […]

  • The Digital Detox Experiment

    As a tech junkie, Jane had been glued to her phone and laptop for as long as she could remember. She loved the convenience and connectivity that technology brought, but lately, she felt like it was all-consuming. Her screen time had increased to an alarming level, and she knew she needed a break. Enter the […]

  • The Battle of the EarPods

    It was the year 2025, and the world was divided into two factions – the Lightning Clan and the Jack Pack. The reason for the division was the Apple EarPods that were selling like hotcakes. The Lightning Clan believed in the new and improved lightning connector, while the Jack Pack staunchly supported the traditional 3.5mm […]

  • The Power of a Discount

    As soon as she heard the news, Jasmine knew what she had to do. The iPhone 11 was on sale for an amazing discount on Flipkart, and she had to have it. It didn’t matter that the model was a bit old now. It was still an iPhone after all, and in her eyes, there […]

  • The Fallout of a Failed Acquisition

    Brad Smith, the President of Microsoft, had never before experienced such a crushing defeat. The UK regulator had prevented Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the leading creator of video games in the world. The news had spread like wildfire across the tech industry, and there was not a single person who had not heard about […]

  • The Secrets of the Protoplanetary Disks

    One of the biggest mysteries of the universe is the presence of exoplanets. Scientists have been trying to find an efficient way to detect these planets that lie beyond our solar system. Recently, a group of researchers discovered a groundbreaking technique that involves using machine learning to analyze protoplanetary disks for identifying exoplanets. The protoplanetary […]

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