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  • The Evolution of Technology

    The world was eagerly waiting for the second major update of Android. Google I/O was scheduled for May 10 and tech enthusiasts had their eyes glued to the event. This update was not just about making the phone faster, it was about transforming the way humans interact with technology. The day finally came, and the […]

  • The Unfolding of a New Era

    The Google Pixel Fold is set to be unveiled in just over a week, and ahead of the reveal, we’re all waiting with bated breath for the newest innovation to come to the world of technology. The world had gone through lots of changes since the first Google smartphone was released over a decade ago. […]

  • The Gizmo Gauntlet

    As a group of tech enthusiasts, we were always on the lookout for the latest and greatest gadgets to hit the market. So, when we heard about a new device testing facility that had opened up in town, we knew we had to check it out. The facility, called The Gizmo Gauntlet, was rumored to […]

  • The Sale of a Lifetime

    In the enchanted kingdom of Applesia, where technology reigned supreme, the news of the annual sale at Vijay Sales was spreading like wildfire. Citizens across the land eagerly awaited the day they could purchase the latest Apple products and accessories at incredible discounts. As the day of the sale drew near, the excitement grew more […]

  • Chat Migration: A WhatsApp Story

    The WhatsApp tech team has been working tirelessly on the ability for users to transfer chats between Android devices without relying on Google Drive. This development was in response to users’ concerns about losing their valuable chats and messages when changing their phones. The beta version of the new feature was released to a select […]

  • Cyber Attack

    It all started when the news broke out that three viruses had kidnapped the privacy of Android devices. I could feel the tension rising within me. I, along with my team, had been trying to get to the source of the malicious activities for weeks. It was a sunny day in Melbourne when the Australian […]

  • The Battle of Design Tools

    As the news of the public preview of Microsoft Designer’s advanced features broke out, graphic designers all around the world found themselves at a crossroads. Some were skeptical of this AI-powered tool, while others were eagerly waiting to see what it could do. And then there were those who were just curious to see if […]

  • The Disappearance of OnePlus Pad

    It all started with an unexpected announcement. The news hit the tech aficionados like a thunderbolt. OnePlus, the renowned tech company, had confirmed that its first-ever tablet, the OnePlus Pad, would be discontinued in Germany – effective immediately. Immediately, the internet was flooded with speculations and rumors about what could have led to such an […]

  • The Future of Surface Accessories

    In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, the future of higher-end Surface-branded accessories seemed uncertain. Many wondered if they would be phased out in favor of newer, more advanced technologies. However, one team of engineers and designers was determined to keep the Surface accessories alive and well. At the Surface innovation lab, a team […]

  • The Rise of The Console: Spider-Man 2

    It’s been a year since the Console was introduced to the gaming world, and ever since, it has been making waves that no other gaming device has ever achieved before. With its advanced technology, the Console has quickly outpaced the PS4, and now, it’s set to grow even more, thanks to the upcoming game – […]

  • The Fall of Silicon Valley Bank

    It was a sunny Friday afternoon when the Federal Reserve Board announced the results of the review of Silicon Valley Bank’s supervision and regulation. Vice Chair for Supervision, Elizabeth Williams, had led the investigation into the bank’s actions, and the findings were devastating. Silicon Valley Bank had been a rising star, with a reputation for […]

  • The Unblocked Deal

    Microsoft had been eagerly waiting for the deal to go through, as it would not only boost their global influence in technology but also signify a significant victory. But just as the deal was about to be finalised, things took an unexpected turn. The UK Government announced that the deal was blocked due to a […]

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