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  • The Approaching Asteroid

    The news hit the world like a thunderbolt. NASA had detected an asteroid hurtling towards Earth at breakneck speed, and the chances of impact were high. People panicked, governments scrambled to prepare, and scientists tried to find a solution. In the middle of all this, there were three people who found themselves united in an […]

  • Echoes of War

    The cold December morning was shattered by the screams of the dying and the thunder of falling debris. It was the sound of Russia’s aggression, a continuation of a war that had ravaged Ukraine for far too long. In the midst of it, Maria and Yuri clung to each other; their love was the only […]

  • Waiting for the Storm

    The news of an impending solar storm had spread like wildfire across the world. It was supposed to hit Earth on April 27 or 28, according to NOAA forecasters. People had started hoarding supplies and preparing for the worst. But the storm never arrived. Instead, the world watched in horror as something worse began to […]

  • Exodus from Sudan

    The news hit the airwaves and the world was shocked – the US government had begun the land evacuation of American civilians in Sudan. It was a difficult decision; the political climate had grown increasingly hostile and thousands of innocent people were at risk. Among those to be evacuated were Sarah and her family. From […]

  • The Voyager 2’s Endurance

    For almost half a century, the Voyager 2 probe had traveled farther away from Earth than any other spacecraft in history. Its mission was to explore the outer reaches of our solar system and beyond, sending back invaluable data and images to scientists back home. But with its plutonium-powered generator gradually fading away, the prospect […]

  • The Displaced

    The war between Russia and Ukraine had been going on for far too long. It had caused unimaginable suffering and loss of lives on both sides. One of the most devastating effects of the conflict was the displacement of people from poorer and remote regions of Russia to Ukraine. No one had asked for it, […]

  • The Last Chance

    The year was 2065, and NASA had just delivered the news that the entire world had been dreading. A massive asteroid, measuring over 1000 feet in diameter, was on a direct collision course with Earth. The chances of impact were almost certain, and the consequences of such a collision would be catastrophic. People across the […]

  • The Exodus from Sudan

    Khalid watched in awe as chaos erupted all around him. Tens of thousands of civilians were desperately trying to escape war-torn Sudan as fighting between government forces and rebel factions intensified. International aid organizations were pulling out their personnel, and foreign governments were sending in planes to evacuate their citizens. But for ordinary Sudanese like […]

  • Collision Course

    NASA has warned about a perilous 1007-foot wide space rock that is speeding toward Earth soon. Its projected trajectory puts it on a direct collision course with our planet, and the chances of survival are slim. Panic has ensconced the world as people brace themselves for the inevitable impact. Jade watched the news in disbelief. […]

  • Tragic Twists on the Sagana-Karatina Road

    It was a day like any other, with the sun shining bright and the birds chirping merrily. But for those travelling along the Sagana-Karatina road, it would be a day that they would never forget. It all started with a sudden swerve from a reckless driver who was trying to overtake another vehicle. The driver […]

  • Escape from Sudan

    It was a typical morning in Sudan when everything changed. The sound of bombs echoed in the streets, the screams of people filled the air, and the smell of burning buildings was a constant reminder of the danger lurking around every corner. The war had finally reached their doorstep, and they needed to escape. Sariyah, […]

  • Exodus from Khartoum

    The year was 2032, and Khartoum was in chaos. The streets were filled with smoke, and the sounds of gunfire echoed throughout the city. The world had witnessed many wars, but this one was particularly brutal. The fighting had started a week ago, and it had already claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians. […]

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