Tag: Survival

  • Escape from Khartoum

    As the sun began to set over Khartoum, hundreds of American civilians were herded onto a cargo plane bound for Saudi Arabia. They had been caught up in brutal fighting between rival militias in the Sudanese capital, and their lives were in grave danger. But little did they know that their journey was about to […]

  • Free Fire Max: Rise of the Survivors

    The year 2021 had been a tough one for all Free Fire fans residing in India. The Indian government had officially announced a ban on the game due to security and privacy reasons. The Free Fire community had been left heartbroken, saddened, and feeling alone. The makers had to do something to bring back the […]

  • Collision Course in Alaska

    The scenic beauty of Alaska could not lessen the pain of the shattered families when news of the helicopter collision reached them. Three soldiers who were returning from a training mission were killed instantly, and the fourth one, Private Caleb Smith, was trapped in the wreckage of the chopper. He was the only survivor, but […]

  • Unstoppable Contagion

    It started with a strange flu-like illness that claimed the lives of hundreds of people across the world. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified it as a new strain of XBB.1.16, a lethal virus that had no known cure. As the weeks progressed, it became apparent that this virus was unlike anything […]

  • Collision in the Sky

    It was a routine flight for the four soldiers, nothing out of the ordinary. They had been flying Apache helicopters over the rugged terrain in Healy, Alaska, on a military training exercise. Each soldier was focused on their duty, following instructions, and keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings. Suddenly, without warning, the unthinkable happened. […]

  • Scattered Dreams in the Cold

    The Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson was bustling with activity as young soldiers paraded in their uniforms, some to take part in basic training exercises, and others to prepare for war. These were men and women who had dedicated their lives to serving their country, and they took this responsibility very seriously. But that Thursday, fate had […]

  • The Devouring Sun

    The sun seemed to glow a fierce crimson shade as the asteroid belt came into view. Chris and his crew aboard the spaceship Hermes were on a mission to capture a rogue asteroid that was threatening to collide with Earth. Ahead, a magnificent spectacle unfolded as the surface of the sun erupted with solar flares […]

  • Aftermath of the Blast

    The explosion had torn apart the peace of the little town of Dantewada. The Maoists had carried out yet another attack on the police personnel, killing ten brave souls. Chaos ensued all around as people scrambled for safety. In the midst of the commotion, a lone survivor struggled to stay alive. The sole survivor, Constable […]

  • The Flood of the Century: The Race to Prepare and Survive

    The news of the potential flood along the Mississippi River spread like wildfire, and people in the cities and towns along its banks braced themselves for the worst. They knew all too well the devastation that could be wrought by the swelling river if they weren’t prepared. At the National Weather Service, the experts had […]

  • The Unseen Predator

    It was the height of the summer season in India, and the humidity seemed to have no mercy for its people. Sweating and constantly wiping the sweat off of their faces, they carried on with their lives as they usually did. But unknown to them, a sinister predator roamed among them, silently claiming lives that […]

  • The Darkness that Lurks in the Night

    On the eve of World Malaria Day, the WHO has urged the countries affected by the disease globally to accelerate the reach of high-impact tools and strategies to prevent, detect and treat malaria, with a focus on reaching the most vulnerable, ensuring that no … The incessant buzzing of mosquitoes filled the night air. The […]

  • Stranded in Sudan: Abandoned by their Homeland

    As the scorching sun beat down on the tarmac, sweat dripped down Abigail’s forehead as she anxiously scanned the skies for any aircraft, but all she saw were vultures circling around the desolate location. She peered over her shoulder, looking at the forlorn faces of the other stranded UK citizens, stranded in Sudan. Abigail had […]

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