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  • The Frozen Depths of Jupiter

    Captain Grady opened his eyes to the blinding glow of Jupiter’s atmosphere. He gazed out the window of his spacecraft and gasped at the sight of the icy moons that loomed in the distance. This was his first mission to explore the depths of the frozen moon, Europa. As Captain of the ESA’s Jupiter Icy […]

  • Beyond Borders

    Sultan Al-Neyadi had always dreamt of living beyond borders. Since he was a child, he had imagined himself floating in an abyss, looking down at Earth as if he were a god. That dream had led him through every step of his life, from his studies in aerospace engineering to his grad school thesis on […]

  • Beyond the Limits

    The year was 2085, and humankind had mastered the art of space exploration. Scientists and engineers had developed advanced technologies, including space shuttles, space habitats and colonies on different moons and planets. However, one mystery still perplexed them: the existence of ultra-luminous X-ray sources (ULXs) that produced 10 million times more energy than the Sun. […]

  • The Para-Astronaut Doctor

    Dr. John McFall was just your average British doctor, who liked to settle down with a book at night and sip on a hot cup of tea. However, his fate would be changed forever when the world received news of the first para-astronaut program. As someone who had always enjoyed living outside his comfort zone, […]

  • Red Planet’s Blue Secret

    The red planet had been the subject of countless explorations, but the recent findings suggested a new significance for the barren world. A discovery that was about to change the course of history. With the development of new technology and equipment, NASA’s perseverance rover had procured evidence that ancient Mars was once wet and habitable. […]

  • Scary Bang: Uncovering the Demise of a Star

    The universe is full of mysteries and wonders, and among them is the story of the death of a giant star. Astronomers have identified the brightest, most energetic, and longest-lasting transient object that has ever been observed. They named it Scary Bang. The story of Scary Bang starts with a giant star, ten times larger […]

  • Countdown to the Unknown

    The entire world tuned in to watch the historic moment: the launch of the first manned mission to Mars. Liftoff is scheduled for 6:12 p.m. EDT (2212 GMT), and everyone is anxious to see what happens next. Commander James Cameron had trained for this moment for years. He had always dreamed of exploring deeper into […]

  • The Learning Edge

    As a young girl growing up in a world run by robots and artificial intelligence, Eva was fascinated by the complexity of the learning algorithms and was curious about the concept of the biological brain outsmarting the latest AI technology. For her final project in her AI class, Eva decided to explore the topic of […]

  • The Martian Canvas

    In the year 2057, NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity discovered something that would alter the course of human history forever. After years of collecting data on the red planet, the rover sent back images of miniature sand dunes that had peculiar markings on their surface. It looked like something had brushed through them and left intricate […]

  • The Frozen Moon

    From his vantage point in the control room, Jackson watched as the robotic arm extended, a series of hydraulic clamps gripping the massive antenna as it prepared to release it from its temporary mount. Juice’s RIME antenna was the crown jewel of its mission to explore the icy moons of the outer solar system, but […]

  • The Code of Life

    The laboratory was silent as Dr. Stephanie Fernandez sat hunched over her computer, typing frantically. Her team had just discovered a breakthrough in genetics that could change the course of human medicine forever. But with every groundbreaking discovery came danger, and Dr. Fernandez knew all too well the risks that came with playing God. Her […]

  • Beyond the Stars

    The Voyager 2 spacecraft, which was launched in 1977, had exceeded scientists’ expectations by travelling beyond our solar system and entering interstellar space. But its mission was far from over. The spacecraft’s team of engineers had recently developed a new plan to keep its instruments running for longer. Their success was celebrated at mission control, […]

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