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  • A Cheat Sheet for A Better Life

    Sophie had always been the kind of person who was meticulous with every detail of her life. She had a plan for everything and believed that following a schedule was the key to success. But as she got older, she realized that no matter how much she planned, life always threw curveballs at her. One […]

  • Coming Home

    Swift couldn’t believe it. After all these years, he was finally going back home to Philadelphia. The trade was a mere formality, but he had planned the trip for weeks, eagerly awaiting his return to the city of brotherly love. He had always wanted to come back, but life had a way of taking unexpected […]

  • The Parking Scam

    Johnathan and Karen had planned a perfect date night. But when they arrived at the parking lot of their destination, they had an unpleasant surprise. A man approached them, claiming to be the attendant and demanded $40 as parking fees. They were suspicious, but the man had a convincing uniform and receipt book. Johnathan paid […]

  • Anyone But You

    Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney were Hollywood’s newest power couple. Fans loved them on screen – the charismatic Glen and the stunning Sydney had a spark that left audiences dazzled. But now, rumors were flying that their onscreen chemistry wasn’t just acting – the duo might be more than just co-stars. The speculation began after […]

  • The Wedding at Eden-Roc

    The sun shone down upon the pristine blue waters of the French Riviera as guests arrived at the breathtaking Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. The occasion was the marriage of the stunning model, Lily, and her partner, James, a successful businessman. The wedding venue was breathtaking, with its grand chandeliers, floral arrangements, and panoramic sea views. The […]

  • Unveiling Secrets: Zeenat Aman’s Truth About Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand

    Zeenat Aman was adrenaline-pumping gorgeousness on the silver screen, but off-screen, she had a romantic life full of rumours and speculations. Recently, in her new post, she finally put rest to some of the most discussed questions about her relationships. It all started in the 70s when Zeenat was the ‘it’ girl of Bollywood. There […]

  • The Corner for Wink

    Joe Schoen had lived and breathed baseball his entire life. As a kid, he’d go early to the park and practice, even if it meant he was only able to hit with a ball off a tee or throwing against the backstop. Baseball kept him off the streets, out of trouble, and from getting involved […]

  • Twinning Galaxy Pals: A Cosmic Love Story

    NASA shares an image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, which shows two distant galaxies twinning like pals in space, but little do they know that their destiny is about to intertwine. As the two galaxies continue their journey through the cosmos, they start to approach each other, and soon enough, their gravitational forces cause […]

  • Everything’s Not Lost

    Emma stared at her wedding ring, turning it around her finger as she thought about everything that had happened in the past few months. She had been looking forward to her wedding day since she was a little girl, but now, as she sat alone in her living room, she couldn’t help but wonder if […]

  • Draft Dreams

    It was the night that would change everything. The night where dreams became a reality for athletes across the nation. Draft weekend was always full of surprises, heartache, and triumphs. Talia had been following the upcoming draft for months. She knew every stat, every player and every projected pick. As a sports journalist, this was […]

  • Troubled Shares and Unexpected Love

    As the market opened on Thursday, Asian shares were subdued following the troubles at the U.S. lender First Republic Bank. Investors were worried about the possible implications for the world’s largest economy. Despite the somber atmosphere, however, something unexpected was about to happen. Juno had been following the market closely all week. She was an […]

  • The Blinder that Stole Victory

    Anushka watched from her seat in the VIP box, as her husband Kohli battled it out on the field against KKR in the IPL 2023 match. The adrenaline was running high, and the roar of the crowd was deafening. Kohli was determined to win, but something unexpected happened that turned the tables against RCB. It […]

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