Tag: Pregnancy

  • The Forbidden Cravings

    It’s common knowledge that maintaining a healthy diet is important, particularly during pregnancy. Consuming a high-fat diet can have severe impacts on metabolism, increasing the risk of obesity, diabetes, liver disease, and even cancer. Studies have shown that a well-balanced diet can equally enhance the health of the mother and the unborn child. But what […]

  • The Secret Pregnancy of Ileana D’Cruz

    Ileana D’Cruz was over the moon with joy. She had just announced her pregnancy to the world on Instagram. The comments were pouring in, some congratulating her, while others questioning her relationship status. But Ileana was not bothered. She had a secret that only a few close friends and family knew. She was in love […]

  • Ileana D’Cruz’s Baby Mystery

    Bollywood beauty Ileana D’Cruz surprised her fans after she announced her pregnancy on social media. Keeping the identity of her baby’s father a secret, Ileana took to her Instagram handle and shared a monochrome photo of a onesie and a personalized blanket for her baby. Her pregnancy news broke the internet, and her fans couldn’t […]

  • The Unaffected Babies

    It was a time of great uncertainty when the pandemic struck the world. Fear, anxiety and chaos seeped through every aspect of life, especially for expectant mothers. There was little to no information available on how the virus could affect the unborn child. And yet, there were some who contracted the virus, albeit with mild […]

  • The Unborn’s Fate: When COVID-19 Invades the Womb

    It was a normal day for Dr. Alyssa Wells, a brilliant obstetrician at the University of Miami. But everything changed when she received a call from the hospital’s virology lab. They had discovered something alarming that could potentially change the world’s perception of COVID-19. Two pregnant women, both in their second trimester, had been admitted […]

  • The Sweet Consequence

    Sarah was ecstatic when she found out she was pregnant. It was her first pregnancy, and she already had a name picked out for her little one. Excited to start this new chapter of her life, she began reading every article and book she could find on pregnancy. One day, while browsing through the latest […]

  • The Genetics of Pregnancy Duration and Birth Weight

    As a genetic researcher, Dr. Emily had always been fascinated by the secrets hidden within our DNA. So when she was given the opportunity to work on a groundbreaking study about gestational duration and birth weight, she jumped at the chance. The study involved a GWAS meta-analysis combined with tracing the parental transmitted and non-transmitted […]

  • The Unforeseen Consequences of Gestational Duration

    Cassie couldn’t wait to hold her baby boy in her arms. She had followed all the advice, attended all the prenatal classes and read every parenting book she could find. But nothing could have prepared her for what was about to happen. On the day of her delivery, Cassie’s doctor informed her that her maternal […]

  • Expecting the Unexpected

    Pregnancy is a time of great expectation and joy, but it also brings its own set of problems. I never knew that firsthand until I became pregnant myself. It was a drastic change in my routine, my body, and my emotions. At first, I was ecstatic to experience the miracle of life growing inside me, […]

  • The Unforeseen Consequence

    As the news of Daniel Radcliffe’s girlfriend becoming pregnant spread like wildfire, everyone was taken aback. It was not just the fans, but also the couple themselves who were not prepared for this sudden turn of events. Daniel, who had always been private about his personal life, had been dating his girlfriend for quite some […]

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