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  • The Day That Shook the NFL: A Look at Day 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft

    The air was electric as Day 3 of the 2023 NFL draft kicked off in New York City. Scouts, coaches, and analysts were glued to their screens, eagerly anticipating the picks that would soon be made. Fans were buzzing with excitement, hoping that their team had made the right choices. In just a few hours, […]

  • The 2023 NFL Draft: A Chance to Shine

    It was a big night for football fans all around the world. The 2023 NFL draft had finally begun, and everyone was eagerly holding their breath, waiting to see which team would make the first pick. The atmosphere was electric, with cheers and applause echoing throughout the arena. The Carolina Panthers were on the clock, […]

  • The Trade That Changed The Game

    The NFL was always filled with twists and turns, but the trade that went down between the Eagles and Lions brought a brand new shift in the game. The news of the trade spread like wildfire and everyone was talking about it. D’Andre Swift, the running back sensation from the Detroit Lions was now the […]

  • Trade of the Titans

    It was a beautiful day in the city of Philadelphia, the kind that made you feel alive. The sun was shining bright, and the streets were crowded with people in green and white jerseys, eagerly anticipating the upcoming football season. The Philadelphia Eagles had just made a big move, trading for D’Andre Swift, one of […]

  • Draft Day 2: Surprises and Shake-Ups

    The 2023 NFL Draft was in full swing, and Day 2 was full of unexpected twists and turns. The teams were getting ready for another exciting day of picks, trades, and upsets. At the top of the second round, the New Orleans Saints pulled off a major shocker by trading up to get the 33rd […]

  • Wheeling and Dealing on Draft Day

    Brad Holmes had only made three draft day trades in two years. It wasn’t that he was afraid to wheel and deal; he just didn’t see the point in mortgaging the future for short-term gain. But on Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft, something was different. The board had fallen in a way that […]

  • A Game of Pawns

    The war room of the Boston Patriots was a hive of frantic activity. General Manager Dave Ziegler had barely caught a wink of sleep as he pored over his notes and dissected game tapes. Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft had been both exhilarating and grueling, with some nerve-wracking moments that had pushed Ziegler […]

  • The Rise of Luke Schoonmaker

    It was the 2023 NFL Draft and the Dallas Cowboys had their sights set on a promising tight end from Michigan, Luke Schoonmaker. As they anxiously waited for their turn to make the 58th overall pick, the Cowboys’ front office knew that Schoonmaker was their man. Luke had been a standout player throughout his college […]

  • The Draft Game

    The 2023 NFL draft was heating up with intense competition between teams. This year, several teams had some tricks up their sleeves in order to pick up the hottest talent before anyone else. The result, an unforgettable draft night that saw some of the most unusual trades and picks in the history of the game. […]

  • Chris Trapasso grades the second day of the 2023 NFL Draft

    Chris Trapasso sat in his home office, surrounded by post-it notes and scrawled notes on notepads. The NFL Draft was his Christmas, and he knew that the second day was just as important as the first. In fact, some of the best players often slipped through the cracks and onto Day Two. He had his […]

  • Trading for the Top Pick

    As tension filled the air in the war room of the Chicago Bears, General Manager Ryan Pace had his eyes fixated on the phone that was ringing incessantly. “What is it now?” he muttered, before picking up the phone. It was Ian Rapoport from NFL Network. “Hey Ryan, happy Friday! Just wanted to let you […]

  • The Draft Pick that Shook the Colts

    It was a tense moment in the Indianapolis Colts’ war room during the first round of the NFL draft. After hours of analyzing prospects, owner Jim Irsay and his team had narrowed down their options to two promising quarterbacks – Anthony Richardson and Will Levis. Both had displayed impressive skills on the field, but the […]

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