Tag: Medication

  • Tirzepatide: A Miracle Drug?

    Tirzepatide had made its name as a diabetes drug, but its efficacy as a weight loss medication was not something that was known to many. It was this fact that made it different from the other drugs in the market, and James was out to prove it. He had been diagnosed with diabetes a year […]

  • A Cure for Self-Destruction

    Joanna was at the brink of giving up on herself. Life had been a series of unfortunate events where she felt like she had no control. She had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder at a young age, which had taken its toll on her. The highs were too high, and the lows were way too […]

  • Unforeseen Consequences

    Shayla had been on medication for her mental health disorder for years, and her experience with the pharmaceutical industry was one of mixed feelings. While it was an excellent way of keeping her mood swings in check, she endured side effects that, on occasion, made life unbearable. It meant that every so often, she had […]

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