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  • The Ansari Brothers’ Conviction

    The Ghazipur court was bustling with activity as the Ansari brothers, Mukhtar and Afzal, stood in the dock awaiting their sentences. The brothers had been found guilty of several crimes, including extortion, murder, and kidnapping. It had been a shock to their political allies and enemies alike, who couldn’t believe that two elected officials had […]

  • The Cyber Army

    The Indian Army was facing an invisible enemy. A digital threat that could tear down the nation’s economy, compromise sensitive data, and instigate chaos. It was none other than China’s cyber-warfare and cyber-espionage capabilities. With no time to lose, high-level officials ordered an immediate response. A Cyber Army, unlike any other unit in the world, […]

  • The Mystery Behind Amritpal’s Arrest

    It had been a week since the news of Waaris Punjab De chief Amritpal’s arrest had rocked the entire country. The charismatic leader, who had been gaining a significant following across Punjab, had been charged with serious offenses, including inciting violence, money laundering, and even murder. However, what baffled everyone was the news that Amritpal […]

  • Diplomatic Tension: The Security of Indian Diplomatic Establishments in the UK

    The ringing of the phone woke up Prime Minister Narendra Modi at 2 o’clock in the morning. Bleary-eyed, he answered the call, seeing it was from one of his co-functionaries. “Yes, tell me,” he said. “Modi ji, we have received news that there may be a potential threat to our diplomatic establishments in the UK,” […]

  • The Rise of the Second Wave

    The bright lights of the city illuminated the night sky as the hospital staff rushed to keep up with the growing number of patients. The air was thick with the stench of disinfectant and the sound of coughing filled the corridors. These were the sights and sounds of the second wave of Covid-19 that had […]

  • Red Lines

    The tense atmosphere in the room was palpable as External Affairs Minister S Jaishanker called for the attention of his aides. They had been discussing the latest news reports that a group of pro-Khalistani activists had planned to protest outside the Indian embassy in London. Jaishanker’s voice boomed across the room as he relayed the […]

  • Congress Files: The Game of Power

    In the heart of New Delhi, the game of power was in full swing. The only thing important to those who held positions in the government was to stay in power, no matter what it took. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had just released the first episode of ‘Congress Files’, which had already started shaking […]

  • The Fall of a Leader

    The news of Rahul Gandhi losing his government accommodation at 12 Tughlak Lane was all over the media. The once-powerful Congress leader was now forced to hunt for a new house. As he sat down with his advisors to discuss his next move, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of betrayal. How could the […]

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