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  • Free Fire Max: Rise of the Survivors

    The year 2021 had been a tough one for all Free Fire fans residing in India. The Indian government had officially announced a ban on the game due to security and privacy reasons. The Free Fire community had been left heartbroken, saddened, and feeling alone. The makers had to do something to bring back the […]

  • The Gamers’ Dilemma

    Two friends, Alex and Mike, were both avid gamers. They always looked forward to playing the latest and greatest games on the market. One day, they heard about a new game that was being released for the next-gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, as well as for PC. The game was called “The Lost […]

  • The Rise of The Console: Spider-Man 2

    It’s been a year since the Console was introduced to the gaming world, and ever since, it has been making waves that no other gaming device has ever achieved before. With its advanced technology, the Console has quickly outpaced the PS4, and now, it’s set to grow even more, thanks to the upcoming game – […]

  • The Ultimate Alliance: Microsoft’s Ten-Year Deal with Nware and Activision Blizzard

    It was the year 2031, and the world of gaming had undergone a massive revolution that no one could have predicted. Microsoft Corp’s announcement of a ten-year deal with Nware had sent shockwaves through the entire gaming industry. Within weeks of the announcement, gamers all over the world were hooked on the latest addition to […]

  • The Battle of the Steam Decks

    Asus’ announcement of their Steam Deck competitor with the AMD Z1 Extreme chip on board was met with mixed reactions. Some gamers were excited for the new release, while others doubted the legitimacy of the announcement, given it was made on April 1st. But one thing was certain: the war for dominance in the gaming […]

  • Tears of the Kingdom

    Our time playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was filled with vast, open-ended gameplay and creative solutions for every obstacle. It was a game like no other, with an immersive world that kept us hooked for hours on end. As we entered the game for the first time, we were immediately struck […]

  • Honkai: Star Rail – The Streamer’s Revenant

    Category: Fiction Zack “Asmongold” had always been a skilled Twitch streamer, a dedicated WoW player, and the proud co-owner of the popular OTK community. But the gaming world had never been kind to him. For every victory, he had also faced a crushing defeat. For every new release, he had also seen his dreams of […]

  • Ballistic’s Rise

    The world of Apex Legends was shaken up when the latest trailer for Arsenal introduced Ballistic, the new Legend who would shake up the game’s dynamics with his explosive and fiery powers. His introduction came at a crucial time for the hero shooter game, which was in desperate need of a new character shake-up that […]

  • The Power of Antitrust: How Competition and Markets Authority Changed Gaming History

    In the world of gaming, the stakes were high. Companies raced to create the greatest games, with the biggest prizes and the most devoted fans. And in this whirlwind of competition, two giants emerged, each determined to outdo the other and dominate the market. MegaCorp had long been a titan in the gaming industry, with […]

  • The Ultimate Battle for Survival

    The world of gaming had evolved into something that we could only have dreamt of decades ago. A place where we could escape our mundane lives, and become warriors or heroes, fighting for our survival or glory. Garena Free Fire Max was one such game that had captivated the hearts of millions of gamers worldwide […]

  • The Hunt for Garena Free Fire MAX Redeem Codes

    Karim had always been a big fan of Garena Free Fire, spending countless hours perfecting his skills and building his arsenal. When he heard about the release of Garena Free Fire MAX, he was over the moon with excitement. Soon after the release, he learned about the existence of exclusive redeem codes that could unlock […]

  • The Ultimate Gaming Experience with ROG Phone 7

    Asus has just launched the newest iteration of its flagship gaming phone, the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate. It packs technology like none other, be it cooling system, graphic data processing, or battery endurance. The phone is an ultimate gaming experience machine that every gamer had been waiting for. John, a die-hard gaming fan, was thrilled […]

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