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  • A Cheat Sheet for A Better Life

    Sophie had always been the kind of person who was meticulous with every detail of her life. She had a plan for everything and believed that following a schedule was the key to success. But as she got older, she realized that no matter how much she planned, life always threw curveballs at her. One […]

  • The Rise of Colby Sorsdal

    Colby Sorsdal was a shy kid growing up, always eager to help his parents on their farm, way out far from the city. He would spend his days tending to the fields, milking the cows, and dreaming of bigger things. He never thought he’d become a football player, that was for sure. It wasn’t until […]

  • Eclipse of the Moon

    When the news spread that the Moon was about to undergo a penumbral eclipse on the nights of May 5 and 6, everyone was excited for the rare spectacle. But little did they know that the eclipse would trigger a chain of events that would shatter their world. As the night proceeded, the Moon started […]

  • Silent Killer – The Truth About High Cholesterol

    The sun was setting and Kate, a nutritionist, had just finished her busy day at the clinic. She was about to leave the premises, but one of her patients, Mr. Smith, had left his phone in her room. Kate tried calling him but the call went to voicemail, so she decided to take the phone […]

  • Musk’s Takeover

    The former CEO of a renowned social media site had issued his strongest criticism yet of Elon Musk’s takeover of the company. The board of directors had given in to Musk’s offer, and now, the entire company was under his control. It was a move that sent shudders across the entire tech industry. It was […]

  • Reflections of the First Round

    The first round has come and gone. The excitement, drama and emotions that it brought have left an indelible mark on everyone who witnessed it. The events that took place will go down in the annals of sports history as one of the most exciting first rounds in history. The story started with the underdogs. […]

  • The Flight to Redemption

    The sound of the engine was the only thing that could be heard as the plane soared through the dark skies. Among the passengers on board was a young woman, Radha, who had left India five years ago with a heavy heart. She had fled the country after being betrayed by the man she loved, […]

  • Loaned Out

    As the news of Google banning over 3500 loan apps spread like wildfire, people like Ria found themselves in a fix. She was working at a startup company, struggling to make ends meet. Her salary was barely enough to cover her everyday expenses. She had taken out a loan from one of those apps that […]

  • The Death of Jerry Springer

    Category: Contemporary Fiction The news of the death of Jerry Springer spread like wildfire across the world. People from different walks of life paid tributes to him on social media, sharing their favorite memories of watching his show. Everyone agreed that he was the ‘king’ of daytime television. The cause of his death was not […]

  • The Nuclear Trail

    The United States had been closely monitoring North Korea’s nuclear program for several years now. The nation had blatantly ignored the warnings of the international community, including China and Russia, and had continued developing their missile capabilities despite the crippling economic sanctions. The world was on the edge, and no one knew what was going […]

  • Deadly Infection

    The sudden deaths of four patients in the local hospital’s intensive care unit sent shivers down the spines of the medical staff. The cause of death was identified as Klebsiella pneumoniae, and the hospital administration immediately ordered an investigation into the matter. Dr. Lisa Morris was tasked with leading the investigation, and she knew that […]

  • The Deer Virus

    Deep in the wilderness, a group of researchers were determined to uncover the true nature of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. They were on the hunt for the origin. Many believed it was a product of a laboratory in Wuhan, but this team had a hunch that it may have started in the animal kingdom. Their suspicions […]

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