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  • The Ansari Brothers’ Conviction

    The Ghazipur court was bustling with activity as the Ansari brothers, Mukhtar and Afzal, stood in the dock awaiting their sentences. The brothers had been found guilty of several crimes, including extortion, murder, and kidnapping. It had been a shock to their political allies and enemies alike, who couldn’t believe that two elected officials had […]

  • The Lone Survivor

    It was a quiet Saturday morning in the small town of Texas until gunshots shattered the silence. The screams of terror were heard across the neighbourhood as police rushed to the scene. They found an empty house with five dead bodies, including an eight-year-old child. The residents were afraid, and the police were determined to […]

  • The Bank Heist

    The U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp has asked banks including JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) and PNC Financial Services Group…but little did they know a group of criminals had already set their sights on one of these banks. It was a sunny afternoon when Greg and his team arrived outside the JPMorgan Chase & Co […]

  • The Parking Scam

    Johnathan and Karen had planned a perfect date night. But when they arrived at the parking lot of their destination, they had an unpleasant surprise. A man approached them, claiming to be the attendant and demanded $40 as parking fees. They were suspicious, but the man had a convincing uniform and receipt book. Johnathan paid […]

  • The Tragedy of Cleveland, Texas

    As the evening settled into the small city of Cleveland, Texas, a loud commotion echoed through the neighborhood. At first, it sounded like a mere argument between neighbors. But as the minutes ticked by, the noise and screaming grew louder. Within an hour of the initial noise complaint, five people were fatally shot in a […]

  • Blaze in Crimea

    The sky was ablaze with the orange glow of a raging fire that had engulfed the fuel depot in Crimea. The deafening roar of the flames echoed through the town as people watched from their respective homes in horror. It was an unexpected disaster, one that nobody had seen coming. The news quickly spread through […]

  • The Fall of the Don

    Mukhtar Ansari, the feared don of Ghazipur, had always believed that he was untouchable. He ruled the streets with an iron fist, collecting his dues from anyone who dared to disagree. He had an army of goons at his disposal and the police were scared to cross him. But all empires fall, and his was […]

  • The Betrayal of Justice

    As the Judge delivered the verdict, the entire courtroom was stunned. Sooraj Pancholi, the actor accused of driving Jiah Khan to suicide, was acquitted of all charges. The CBI, the prosecution, and Jiah’s family had all failed to bring justice for the deceased actress. But what the Judge said next was even more shocking. He […]

  • The Mystery of Raveendaran Byju

    The news of ED conducting searches in Bengaluru over alleged FEMA violation by Raveendaran Byju and his company had created a buzz in the city. Everyone was curious about what went wrong in the business of the well-known entrepreneur. The media was trying to dig deeper into the matter, but nobody knew the real story […]

  • Ettore’s Secret Life

    Ettore Lacchei, a 79-year-old retired professor, was arrested Tuesday after a two-week investigation that shook the small town of San Cono. The locals were stunned to hear that the mild-mannered old man they knew as a garden enthusiast and collector of antique books could be involved in any criminal activity. Detective Maria Vela was the […]

  • Justice for Atiq Ahmad

    The news of Atiq Ahmad’s brutal murder had sent shockwaves across the country. And now, the Supreme Court demanded answers from the Uttar Pradesh government on this heinous act. As the investigation began, a series of startling revelations came to light. Atiq Ahmad, an infamous gangster from Uttar Pradesh, had been arrested on multiple charges […]

  • The Fatal Ambition

    The Supreme Court sought a report from the Uttar Pradesh government on the killing of gangster Atiq Ahmad and his brother Ashraf on April 15. The news broke out on every channel, and people cursed their fate for not being able to witness the end of the deadly duo. But as it is said, karma […]

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