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  • The Leveraging of Ukraine’s Bilateral Relationship with China

    It was a cold winter day in Kyiv, Ukraine, and the Finance Minister, Natalia, sat in her office, contemplating the country’s financial situation. The recent full-scale invasion by Russia had left Ukraine’s economy in ruins. In a moment of clarity, Natalia realized that the only way to end the conflict was to leverage their bilateral […]

  • The Frontier of Tensions

    Rakesh Sharma, the defence minister of India, sat nervously in his chair as he waited for the call to connect. His counterpart in China, General Lin Wei, was known for being tough and uncompromising. Sharma knew that this phone call could determine the future of relations between their two countries. Finally, the call connected and […]

  • The Cyber Army

    The Indian Army was facing an invisible enemy. A digital threat that could tear down the nation’s economy, compromise sensitive data, and instigate chaos. It was none other than China’s cyber-warfare and cyber-espionage capabilities. With no time to lose, high-level officials ordered an immediate response. A Cyber Army, unlike any other unit in the world, […]

  • Unwavering Determination

    India has always been a land of warriors. Our ancestors fought fiercely to protect our motherland from the invaders. The history of India is an epic tale of valor, glory, and sacrifice. The present-day India is no different. It is a nation that is ready to face any challenge thrown at it. When the Galwan […]

  • The Confrontation Warning

    China warned the United States and South Korea against escalating tensions with North Korea, as they threatened that the country would face the “end” of its leadership if they utilize their nuclear arsenal. China, being North Korea’s most significant ally, knew the country better than any other nation. And they were aware that the North […]

  • A Call of Hope

    President Zelenskyy sat in his office, staring out the window. The night was dark and cold, much like the war that raged on in Ukraine. The constant sound of gunfire in the distance was a painful reminder of the crisis that the country was facing. As he sat there, his phone rang. It was a […]

  • The First Call

    President Ivan Petrenko was rarely nervous when it came to making international calls. He had been on the world stage for a while now, and he had mastered the art of diplomacy. But as he picked up the phone to call the President of the People’s Republic of China, he felt a twinge of anxiety. […]

  • The Forbidden Mission: China’s Special Representative Sent to Ukraine

    The year was 1954, and the political landscape of the world was shifting. Amidst the Cold War tensions, when East and West were divided by an invisible wall, two countries stood at the crossroad. The People’s Republic of China and Ukraine were about to face a test of diplomacy, which would determine the fate of […]

  • A Call of Diplomacy

    President Volodymyr Zelensky sat on his chair with a heavy heart, staring at the phone that laid dormant on the desk. It was an unprecedented moment in his political career. The invasion of Russia had brought chaos and devastation to his beloved country, and he knew that the situation was far from over. He took […]

  • The Call Between Leaders

    President Xi Jinping sat in his office staring at the flashing light on his phone. His heart racing, he reached over and lifted it to his ear. “Hello,” he said. “President Xi Jinping, this is President Zelensky from Ukraine,” the voice on the other end said. “I hope I’m not interrupting.” Xi felt his body […]

  • The Lunar Connection

    It was the year 2030, and the world was astounded by the latest announcement from China’s National Space Administration. A pilot of the satellite constellation was in progress, and it had a greater purpose than just being another space project. China had decided to build a relay satellite system that would act as a communication […]

  • The viva X90 and X90 Pro: A Tale of Two Phones

    Once upon a time in a land far away, there were two phones that were the talk of the town. One was called the viva X90 and the other was the viva X90 Pro. They were the latest phones to be launched in China, and had finally made their way to India. The viva X90 […]

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